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Matt Alsfeld was a good student, but he wasn’t top academically of his class. Matt loved football, but he wasn’t the quarterback. Matt played in the band, but he wasn’t the section leader.

However, everyone knew him, because he was a friend to all, and he was the best at understanding what is truly important in life.  Matt knew that everyone has something to offer. 

In honoring Matt, The Matt Alsfeld Award recognizes students who demonstrate a genuine caring for other people. The Scholarship Award is given in the form of a $1,000 check, made out to the award recipient, and may be use towards the student’s unique secondary education plan and goals. This includes but is not limited to tuition, books, supplies, equipment, and/or tools.

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The 2024 deadline for applications has closed.

application deadline:
May 13, 2024

Graduation Caps

Meet the 2023 Award Recipients

In 2023, the Matt Alsfeld Memorial Fund was pleased to present scholarship awards to students in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.  Thanks to the assistance of Matt’s aunt Jessica Kremer, we were able to present our awards to each student in person.  We would like to thank all the students who applied this year, and all the donors who made these awards possible.  

Congratulations to our winners for your ability to integrate your passion into the next chapter of your lives.  

We were not able to take pictures at every event; if you have pictures of students who received awards, please email them to, and we will be happy to add them!

Image by Niklas Ohlrogge

Past Award Recipient

2017:  Greg Jason
2018:  Tiffany Roposa
2019:  Luke Cirka, Phoebe Greene, Jeremy Stone
2020:  Nicole Dugas
2021:  Caitlin Cariker, Geneveve Provencial
2022:  Emma Gearing, Sophia Provencial

2023: Daschall Hayes, Matthew Siegmund, Abraham Veliz

Cameron Fitton, Jacob Perzanoski, Andrew Trudel

Seth Perron, Katherine St. Pierre

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